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China healthcare spending, despite its impressive growth rate, is still far behind its peers – not only the developed countries but also some other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries.

A lengthy access process has hindered the adoption of new technologies and resulted in different product life cycle stages for China compared to developed markets.

We have extensive experience in product development and marketing in the UK and China, and more recently in bringing new products from the West to the Chinese system.

We have seen first-hand how leading-edge innovative technologies can cross the cultural and structural boundaries to make a real impact in China. 

So why now are there in-licensing opportunities in China?

Under-utilised sales force

Gap between global pipeline and China specific growth opportunities

Existing licensing/distribution deal coming to an end

Looking for products/projects to impress/attract venture capital/ private equity and boost stock price

Who is actively looking for distribution rights?

International pharma/MedTech companies

Domestic big pharma/MedTech companies

CSO (Contract Sales Organisation)

Distributors in transition to have more product ownership

National players

Regional players




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